Weekly/Bi-Weekly Mowing Service

It is well known that a good landscaping job starts with a good mow. Our lawn mowing services at Hood Legacy Property Services L.L.C promises to give our customers nothing but the best when it comes to these basic services. Every lawn mowing job is completed with a basic mow we will string trim around obstacles and blow grass clippings off sidewalks, walkways, patios and driveways.

Mowing your lawn early and often is not only good for aesthetics but can be beneficial to the health of your lawn as well. Wondering when to mow your lawn or schedule someone to come out? It doesn’t really matter how often you mow but how long your grass is. If you are in a drier season and your grass is not growing as quickly you can your schedule or even skip weeks if you think it does not need to be cut.

We use cutting edge equipment to perform our professional lawn mowing and trimming services. Hood Legacy Property Services L.L.C sharpens the mower blades daily to ensure a quality, crisp cut.

We offer our lawn mowing service on a weekly (7 days) and Bi-weekly (14) basis. However, please note, that not every lawn will qualify for bi-weekly mowing due to the rapid growth of the grass.

  • If you opt for bi-weekly mowing, and your lawn grows too rapidly, you will be asked to switch to weekly mowing or pay an additional fee

Typically, mowing services start at the beginning of May, after the grass has had sufficient time to come out of dormancy and start growing again. From May until early July, we cut the grass at a height of 3″-3.5″. We then increase deck height to about 4″ for the hot summer months (July through mid September), to maintain adequate shade to the root systems of the lawn. From mid September until the end of the season, we drop our deck back down to 3″-3.5″ for cutting.

When mowing a yard, by default we mulch the grass clipping back into the yard to provide a natural fertilizer for the grass (via decomposition) however, upon request we will bag and remove any grass clippings from the property.


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