Monthly Maintenance Service

For an all inclusive option to keep your property looking great all year, we offer our Monthly Maintenance Service. This package is a custom tailored program, suited to your property’s individual needs all at a discounted rate. Monthly Maintenance Service contracts will need to be signed no later than May 31st to take advantage of the full season (April through November)

Every Monthly Maintenance Service package comes standard with

  • Spring Clean up
  • Mowing (weekly or Bi-Weekly)
  • Pruning ( Standard two times a year, during spring clean ups and in the fall time)
  • Fall Clean up

Upon request for a Monthly Maintenance Service Package, a detailed inspection of the property will be conducted, included measuring the total square footage all turf areas and planting beds to ensure the most fair and accurate pricing for the package.

Pricing for this package is presented in a total price for the season, broken down into 8 monthly payments. This covers from the beginning of the landscaping season (April) until the end (November).

Breakdown of Services

Spring Clean Up – De-Thatching of all turf areas by hand raking or power raking. All planting beds blown clear of leaves, sticks, fallen branches and other debris. Edging of all planting beds in preparation for mulch.

Mulching – Delivery and installation of a color of mulch of your choosing, spread by hand, at a depth of 2″

Mowing – Weekly or Bi-Weekly mowing service that also includes a complete string trimming around any structures and obstacles in the yard. All driveways, patios, decks, and walkways with be cleared of all grass clippings with a backpack blower.

While the typical growing season allows for 26 weekly (13 Bi-Weekly) cuttings, the price of the package includes 24 cuttings and you will not be charged for more, regardless of additional visits

Pruning – Two (2) pruning per season will be done on all shrubs and bushes around the property. The first will be done with the spring clean up and the second will be done is the early fall (September/October)

Fall Clean Up – Clean up and removal of all leaves, fallen limbs and other debris from the property. Clean-up will commence mid-October and continue no later than the end of the contract period.


Additional Services that can be added to the Monthly Maintenance Service

  • 5 Step Lawn Fertilization
  • Seasonal Plantings (spring flowers/Fall flowers)
  • Continuous Bed Weeding
  • Gutter Clear Outs


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