Lawn Fertilization

To bring you the best in Lawn Fertilization services, we work in conjunction with Rockingham Turf Care to provide the residents of New Hampshire with top notch services which are a result of the years of expertise their team has developed

Among the many services provide, we can offer you a top quality 5 step fertilization program to keep your yard looking great all year

  1. Recovery (Spring Application) – Balanced fertilizer with pre-emergent and post-emergent broad leaf weed control. This application helps the recover process from the winter months.
  2. Increasing Color & Growth (Late Spring/Early Summer)– Slow-release fertilizer with post-emergent broad leaf weed control and optional grub control. This application will increase color and promote growth.
  3. Surviving the Hot Days of Summer(Summer Application) – Slow-release fertilizer and post-emergent spot spraying for broad leaf weeds. This application helps your lawn through the hot and dry days of summer.
  4. Color Through the Fall (Fall Application) – Balanced fertilizer with post-emergent broad leaf weed control. This application maintains growth and color through the fall season and controls broad leaf weeds when most susceptible.
  5. Winter Protection (Late Fall/Early Winter Application) – Balanced granular fertilizer. This application promotes root growth and food storage to get your lawn through the winter months and promote early spring green-up.


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